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Fredericksburg Electrical Remodeling Services

Remodeling? We Can Handle the Electrical!

If you are having your Fredericksburg home remodeled, it is the perfect time to not only update the décor and furnishings but to update all of your electrical work. Big Dogs Electric is equipped to set your project up for success and ensure that everything will continue to work flawlessly for years to come. Our skilled team is determined to serve all your needs with our superior electrical remodeling services in Fredericksburg.

Call (571) 620-6878 so we can get started on improving the look and functionality of your home with amazing electrical renovations. 

Improve Efficiency with Updated Electrical Remodeling

Are you looking to save money and make your life easier at the same time? One of the ways you can accomplish this is by upgrading your electrical systems and fixtures to be more energy efficient. 

We can help with many energy efficiency upgrades, such as:

  • Switching your florescent lights to new LED systems
  • Installing a generator so your devices aren't ruined by a blackout
  • Installing new wiring that is both safe and energy efficient
  • Upgrading your service panels so they can securely handle all your electrical needs without suddenly tripping the breakers
  • $100 OFF Military or First Responder Service must be $350 or more. Not valid with any other offer.
  • $100 OFF First Time Customer Service must be $350 or more. Not valid with any other offer.
  • Discount for Donation Show proof of animal shelter donation, for a discount on your service! Not valid with any other offer.
Bringing Back
Professionalism, Honesty & Quality Workmanship
  • Free Estimates

    We want to make it easy for our customers to choose us. That's why we offer free estimates on any electrical issue you have!

  • Available 24/7

    Electrical issues can happen any time, day or night. We're available around the clock to be there for you in case of an emergency.

  • Honest Techs

    We strive to be the best for our customers because we truly care. We will never try to upsell you or be dishonest with you in any way.

  • Man's Best Friend

    Here at Big Dogs, we love our furry friends. We provide charity work to local animal shelters, and we offer discounts on electrical services with proof of donation to shelters!

  • Same-Day Appointments

    You rely on your electrical working properly to go about your day-to-day. We offer same-day service so you don't miss a beat!

Why GCFIs?

Electrical Remodeling for Kitchens & Bathrooms

As you seek to have your Fredericksburg home remodeled from top to bottom, there is one crucial thing you need to remember when it comes to your kitchen and bathroom renovations—adding secure Ground Control Fault Interrupters, or GCFIs. The reason these outlet receptacles are so important is that if there is ever a sudden surge of power, the GCFIs can immediately cut the current that would otherwise give you an electrical shock. 

GCFI installation is a key service provided by our Fredericksburg electrical remodeling professionals. We will be happy to talk to you more about the process and all the ways we can help with your electrical needs when you schedule your free estimate!

Safety First

Our Fredericksburg Electrical Remodeling Services

Although GCFIs can be placed in numerous locations, it is essential to have them in places that are prone to more devastating consequences from ground faults. For instance, in a kitchen or a bathroom, there are several places where a supply of water is widely accessible. Without a GCFI near your sink, tub, toilet, or shower, these places are even more at risk for causing electrocution. Whenever you are seeking to remodel your bathrooms and kitchens, you must never take a chance in assuming that the old outlets will be enough. 

Speak to us today at (571) 620-6878 or contact us online in order to ask all your questions related to electrical remodeling in Fredericksburg.

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